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As a complete fund accounting software solution designed specifically for charities, nonprofits, and government entities, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT delivers a better user experience with less manual effort. Effectively manage financial reporting, monitor and track program success, and support fundraising efforts, all in one complete charity and nonprofit accounting software system built to streamline financial processes and ensure the overall integrity of your organization.

Here are just a few organizations using Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT charity and nonprofit accounting software.
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Financial Planning and Analysis

Monitor program efficacy and plan for the future with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT’s unparalleled reporting, budgeting, and analysis tools.

  • Budget years into the future, so your organization can prioritize its expenditures, assess its funding needs, and make comparisons across fiscal years
  • Quickly update out-of-the-box GAAP and IFRS compliant reports to meet your reporting requirements
  • Easily share presentation-ready reports with team members and non-financial users across your organization
  • Review critical information and drill down for a more detailed look at transactions with configurable dashboards, in-depth records, and custom reports

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Internal Controls

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT bolsters your organization’s policies to help make your desired control environment a reality.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to ethical accounting practices with industry-leading tools to prevent fraud, wasteful spending, and breach of policy
  • Structure the control environment to fit your organizational needs
  • Monitor ongoing activity to gauge how your controls are affecting real behavior
  • Enforce your control activities through automated workflows

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Grant Accounting

Simplify grant accounting with the ability to track and report on all your grant transactions without complicating your account structure.

  • Complete grant administrative tasks within one system, limiting the need for spreadsheets and reducing costly errors
  • Track your grants by type, status, amount, and start/end dates with built-in fields in detailed grant records
  • Store grant-related information in one place—such as grantor contact details, grant budgets, reimbursable expenses, and more—so you never have to hunt for files again
  • Manage grant activity using custom date ranges, not organizational fiscal year

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Working Capital and Expense Management

With Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, you can effectively manage cash flow and employee expenses at your organization.

  • Manage your cash flow, accounts payable, and accounts receivable with efficient workflows, automated approvals, and other time-saving functionality
  • Eliminate time- and resource-consuming manual processes, while automatically ensuring that your organization's spending policies are applied and enforced

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ERP for Charities and Nonprofits

Streamline communication across your organization with Blackbaud's enterprise resource planning (ERP) for charities and nonprofits.

  • Reduce the potential for error that comes with duplicate data entry processes between disconnected systems
  • Automate information flow between your business and development offices with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT® integration
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and maintain a tight audit trail
  • Improve donor transparency with dozens of customizable report templates

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Financial Edge NXT

  • Why does my organization need financial management software?
    Regardless of industry or size, every organization needs a system to track, manage, and report on activity related to revenue, expenses, and assets. A financial management system can handle these basic accounting requirements while also providing tools for everything from cash management to budgeting and forecasting.
  • What is financial management software?
    Financial management software is used to document, manage, and report on financial activity. As a central source for organizational financial information, it’s also used to inform strategic planning, ensure compliance, and improve data accuracy.
  • What is Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT?
    Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT is a cloud fund accounting solution designed specifically to meet the unique compliance needs of nonprofits and other social good entities. Effectively manage your organization’s financials with comprehensive tools to track and report on financial activity, ensure compliance, and maximize your mission impact.
  • What is the best accounting software for philanthropy organizations?
    Nonprofit organizations have unique financial accounting and reporting requirements. Compared to commercial accounting systems—which often require time-consuming workarounds or costly configurations to meet the needs of nonprofits—fund accounting software simplifies compliance with dedicated capabilities to accurately track multiple sources of revenue and apply funding to expenditures based on funder and donor stipulations.
  • Why use nonprofit accounting software?
    Nonprofits must be able to demonstrate that funds with donor restrictions were used according to donor intent. Fund accounting software is a crucial part of supporting that effort because it allows organizations to track every dollar earned and spent back to its original source.
  • Who uses nonprofit accounting software?
    Fund accounting software is typically used by nonprofits and other charitable organizations as well as government entities to track and report on segregated accounts in the form of funds in order to meet industry compliance standards.
  • What is the difference between fund accounting and regular accounting?
    Unlike commercial accounting, which emphasizes profitability, fund accounting focuses on being accountable to supporters, regulatory institutions, and the general public about how resources are employed to support the organizations programs and mission. Fund accounting is used by government entities, nonprofits, and other charitable organizations to properly track and report on how revenue is spent in order to comply with restrictions set by their donors and funders.
  • Is fundraising considered revenue?
    Nonprofit revenue streams are diverse including everything from program service fees to government grants and contracts to investments. A common source of income for many charitable organizations, fundraising revenue is typically generated through activities such as capital campaigns, special events, direct marketing, and more.
  • What is fund accounting software?
    Fund accounting software allows organizations to track and report on segregated, self-balancing accounts in the form of funds. These accounts must be treated as separate entities with their own general ledger and individual income statements in addition to being included in overall financial reporting for the entire organization.
  • What is cloud fund accounting software?
    Cloud fund accounting software is similar to its on-premises predecessors; however, users access cloud-based applications through the internet rather than an installed program. Because the data and applications are hosted, cloud solutions can help drive down the cost of IT management for organizations transitioning from legacy systems.
  • Is cloud fund accounting software safe?
    Cloud security is a complex, continuous process. That’s why cloud accounting vendors enforce rigorous controls around compliance standards that exist to govern security, privacy, and the overall integrity of cloud services, even as threats become more sophisticated.
  • How does cloud fund accounting software work?
    There are a few key differences between cloud fund accounting software and legacy, on-premises systems. With cloud accounting systems, financial data is hosted by the software provider, the application is accessible anytime from any device, and the solution is typically licensed for use via an ongoing subscription.
  • What should I look for in cloud fund accounting software?
    There are several factors you should consider when choosing a cloud fund accounting solution including data security, usability, affordability, and vendor stability. A cloud software provider should be able to provide documentation around items such as solution up-time as well as their cloud security measures.

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