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Elevate your capabilities and reach with Blackbaud Volunteer Network Fundraising™.

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High-impact organizations choose Blackbaud volunteer management software.
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Maximize the productivity of your volunteer fundraising campaigns.

Fundraising volunteer managers are expected to continuously grow donation amounts and hit increasingly challenging participation rates. Blackbaud Volunteer Network Fundraising helps you build out your project management, communication, and reporting capabilities to meet your goals.

  • Eliminate errors, protect data, and save time by giving volunteers online, secure access to up-to-date information
  • Leverage predictive models to prioritize and assign the best donor prospects to your fundraising volunteers
  • Set and track goals relating to dollars raised, the number of donors, and participation rates
  • Analyze your volunteer fundraisers’ effectiveness and your program’s success

Easily and efficiently manage fundraising volunteers.

Fundraising volunteer management used to be all about juggling multiple spreadsheets with large groups of people, but not anymore. With Blackbaud Volunteer Network Fundraising, you can manage all volunteer and staff workflows all from one place.

  • Communicate with your volunteer fundraisers, assign prospects, and share scripts, updates, and messaging
  • Assign lead volunteers and delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • Record and view volunteer activities, notes, and demographic updates
  • Monitor volunteers' activities and performance to determine if follow-up or assistance is needed

Provide fundraising volunteers with an intuitive, supportive experience.

Volunteers shouldn’t spend extra time figuring out their tools, so Blackbaud Volunteer Network Fundraising puts the information they need right at their fingertips. Wherever they are, they’ll be able to find prospects, view scripts, and log results.

  • Easily access the volunteer portal on a computer or mobile phone
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  • Track current progress and activities through an easy-to-read dashboard
  • Access giving history, scripts, and step-by-step donation workflows all in one place
  • Receive donation notifications and updates from staff
  • Use an integrated login with Facebook®, send Messenger notes to prospects, and share the institution’s Facebook posts

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